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 Chinatown First Fridays 5 - 8pm 

Psychic Fair

 $25 / 15-min readings 

  • Donna

    Intuitive Guidance, Energy Clearing and Healing, and Hawaiian Kahuna Teachings

    Donna is a holistic healing arts practitioner who has come to acknowledge her intuitive gifts (empathic, clairvoyants, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient) and wants to share these with others by empowering and aligning with your own gifts, to trust, believe and know that you can have unconditional love, inner peace, spiritual openness, compassion, and healing from within yourself from your highest source.


    Donna is guided to provide an eclectic approach to your healing sessions that may include: light touch of your body, energy healing techniques, spiritual guidance and prayer, ThetaHealingⓇ techniques,and teachings from a Hawaiian Kahuna. She is here to help you explore and release those nagging, hidden and even empty pains you have gathered from this life and past ones.

    Donna is here to serve you to balance, align and resonate with your highest and best energies and transform to a renewed you.

    Donna is honored to incorporate all universal beliefs for helping sharing and doing what is good, pure and all that is for your highest and best well being.


    Remember… to keep that smile in your heart always.

    30 Minute Chair Session $65
    1 hour Laying Session $125

    Sessions From:


  • Danielle Sato 

    Tarot Card Readings

    Danielle was drawn to studying and exploring the Tarot 10 years ago- drawn to its mythology and its spiritual art. Around this time she noticed that she could feel the energy of sacred spaces, growing up in Hawaii these spaces were plentiful. She has the ability to receive "messages" and see images that enhances your reading with her.

    15-min reading: $35

    30-min reading: $65

    60-min reading: $125

    Sessions From:


  • Madame Peggy

    Tarot Card Readings | Psychic Medium | Angel Cards

    Madame Peggy Schnader is a clairvoyant medium who uses tarot and angel cards as well. Peggy’s Grandfather was a psychic who had premonitions of upcoming events such as people’s deaths. He encouraged Peggy, who had the same gift, to visualize in her mind’s eye something that existed outside of her see an upcoming event.

    INIDIGO Alliance is proud to have Peggy available for phone readings at INDIGO Alliance. She is clairvoyant and also hears messages from both her guides and your guides. In fact, they whisper into her right ear, in which she is actually deaf!

    15 Minute Readings  $45

    30 Minute Readings  $60
    1 Hour Readings  $120

    Sessions From:


  • Gina

    Energy Balancing, Property Clearing and Sound Healing

    "Bridging heaven and earth through the human heart"

    Gina has been on a long journey of seeking the truth of being and self-healing. She has been guided to share healing with others.


    She perceives the human energy field or aura looking at distortions or disfigurations shaped from various life experiences.


    Distortions will cause a weakness that can eventually develop into sickness. She has been trained to regulate her own field, as a conduit for heaven and earth energy to assist with repairing and balancing the aura. Where energy flows freely, there is health in the body. She will share guidance to help you release old painful patterns as you explore your obstacles, defenses, and places that you struggle in life that have served you in your history, but are not serving your development now. Past pain closes the heart in which the ability to love self and others must develop. Healing opens the heart to connect with others respectfully, with kindness, and compassion. There is such beauty in giving a human being what you have in your heart. Gina will work with you to bring aliveness to your being as you journey to your core, to your inner depth, your divinity within.

    In-person or remote sessions:
    30-Minutes  $67

    60-Minute Readings  $134
    Space and Property Clearing base charge  $150


    • Grounding
    • Chakra balancing and restructure
    • Aura clearing, restructure and balancing
    • Sound healing/toning/mantras
    • Karma clearing
    • Remote/Distance healing
    • Space and property clearing
    • Spiritual guidance

    Sessions From:


  • Ria

    Oracle Card Readings

    Ria's Mom has been reading Oracle cards for the family for years. Ria started reading them five years ago. Ria uses the beautiful decks by Doreen Virtue, she especially loves using Magical Mermaids and Dolphins as it is specifically designed to help you manifest your goals, life purpose and divinely inspired dreams. She also uses "Angel Answers" oracle deck which gives you more direct answers

    $35 for 15 minutes

    $65 for 30 minutes

    $125 for a hour

    Sessions From:


  • George

    Hawai'ian Mana Card  Readings

    George is a intuitive psychic medium who uses beautiful Hawai'ian Mana cards to do his readings.  These symbols connect not only the aina (land) and ka moana (the ocean), they connect to the past, present and future. His energy is calming and has a connection to spirit that is strong and comes though in many ways though his readings.

    $35 for 15 minutes

    $65 for 30 minutes

    $125 for a hour

    Sessions From:


  • Andrew

    Past Life Readings, Regressions, Intuitive Readings

    The story of your past creates everything in your self, life, and body today.

    Joy and happiness, affliction and suffering, even contentment, are all rooted in your past story, which either nourishes and inspires you, or weakens and limits you.

    Isn’t it about time to thoughtfully reconsider the past you believe and are living today?

    Past Life Readings:  

    Offer you the opportunity for an intimate conversation with your whole-self (god-self, eternal-self, soul-self), providing a far broader perspective to help make sense of yourself and life today.

    Discover new talents and abilities!  Reawaken past wisdom and knowledge!

    In-person or telephone readings:
    15-Minute Readings  $35 (choose A, B or C)
        A.  A reading on a specific question, issue, or situation.
        B.  Clarity on the situation or struggle that is most active in your life today.
        C.  A life or lives that reveal what it is you desire above all else.

    30-Minute Readings  $65
        D. Any of the above with time to ask questions of your whole-self.
    1.5-Hour Readings  $125
        E.  Discover Your Enlightenment

    Past Life Regressions:  Enter into a prior life and directly experience previous knowings and relationships. Re-enliven the intense feelings and significant meaning past experiences have for you today.   1.5-Hours  $150

    Your past is the greatest self-help book there is, written by you, especially for you.  See how knowing your previous lives can help you make this your greatest life ever!

    Sessions From:


  • Lady Luck

    Tarot Card Reader and Intuitive Guide

    Lady Luck is a second generation tarot reader who learned from her mother. Her family has passed beyond the veil and her connection with her mother assists her intuitive readings. She can clarify your decision making process by using a variety of tools, including Rider Waite Tarot, Viking Runes, Sacred Oracle Cards and a Pendulum.

    This varied approach using a combination of methods looks at your question from many different angles.  Her colloquial readings are fun, informative and sure to illuminate your personal life path. It is easy to resonate with Lady Luck's calm and peaceful heartwave, to provide an overall enlightening and lucid experience.

    Sessions From:


  • Ji Hye

    Tarot Card Readings and Divination

    Ji Hye is very proud of her Korean heritage and connects to her spirits by way of hwatu, Korean tarot, and tiger bell divination.


    Currently she is on the mainland pursuing a Masters degree Korean Shamanism at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She is connected to several of the healers at Indigo, and Indigo wishes to make her services available. She is available to do zoom readings, bear in mind there are 5 hours time difference


    Ji Hye also uses a pendulum and traditional tarot decks to perform her readings, and is able to provide a diverse array of divination methods to receive answers from the spirits.

    Sessions From:



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