"The Astral Path" - July, 2019 by Toni Scalera Let's celebrate! It's America's 243rd Birthday, and we've got a couple of Eclipses to shout about as well! The Solar eclipse on July 2nd, and a Lunar eclipse on July 16th signify changes...details below. Be sure to check your Sun sign and your Rising/Ascending sign...

Cancer - July is a double play in the brand new beginnings department for you, Cancer, with the Solar Eclipse in your sign (like a New Moon to the 10th power!). Your outlook is super positive, so go after what you want, especially when it comes to accomplishing your short and long-term goals. The higher you aim, the greater your rewards. The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse (July 16) is about letting go of what no longer works for you. If you embrace this energy, you'll be ahead of the game. If you don't, the releases are energized by the power in others' actions. Work looks busy; you'll make money - spend it too! Leo - You've got it goin' on energy-wise, Leo, with Mars and Mercury in your sign to start the month, so you speak of grand ideas and have the chutzpah to manifest them! Don't discount your considerable psychic vibes - they're on overdrive this month, with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer in your house of the psychic mind. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn in the house of work/health says you need to make adjustments in both those areas; there could be positive - and sudden - changes in your career, but don't bite off more than you can chew, even though you're a Lion - your energy level isn't quite infinite! Virgo - Your focus is on friends and groups with whom you share common interests, Virgo...a little charity work perhaps? The Cancer Solar Eclipse energizes new starts in all of the above, and there may be a love connection looming! Home/family wants your attention too, so do some of each without over-analyzing it all (is that possible, Virgo?). Just when you're getting into the groove with your new friends, the Cap Lunar Eclipse (7/16) brings you back around to the time you promised to spend with the kids, vacations, and all that fun stuff. Don't fret, give time to each, and save a little for yourself too! Libra - You're mixing it up with career (promotion? new job?) and home (responsibilities there, or at the least some "honey-do's"), Libra. The Cancer Solar Eclipse (7/2) is stirring up new things in your job world, and the changes look positive, creative, and all 'round good for you! You've still got the travel bug going from June, so it you're not taking a trip, maybe you're hearing from friends you met on the last one! The Cap Lunar Eclipse on the 16th pulls you home, maybe with family things to do...has the new work gig gotten a little too much of your attention? Balance it out, Libra...that's what you do best! Scorpio - Get your "smarts" on, Scorpio -Cancer's Solar Eclipse energizes your 9th house of higher learning, travel, professional people. And as if the Eclipse weren't enough, you've got a bonus of Venus (think "intelligence is sexy!") and Mars (make it happen, do it now!) with you. Take a trip, hang out at the local university, attend a lecture on astrophysics...whatever you do, you'll love the intellectual vibes! The Cap Lunar Eclipse (7/16) takes you off your high perch, and hits you with a dose of reality around the 'hood. Details need your attention, so do 'em, and then rekindle those smarty-smart pursuits again. Sagittarius - You are double-lucky, Sagittarius, with Jupiter highlighting that sparkling personality of yours, and Cancer's Solar Eclipse charges up the sector of your chart that moves others to care for and give to Y-O-U! Expect maybe a refund, bonus, small inheritance, stock dividend...something extra for you to spend, spend, spend. Romance could be exciting, though not committed; you'll be creative at home, and/or have to fix that leaky faucet! The Cap Lunar Eclipse on 7/16 exposes your own resources, so be conservative, save some money - you may need it when you have to call the plumber, after all. Capricorn - If you want relationship sparks - either an upgrade with your main squeeze, or a brand new flame if you're alone - you've come the right month, Capricorn! Adding to the Cancer Solar Eclipse (7/2) in your relationship space, you've got Mercury and Mars there for conversation and spice, and to top it off, sweet Venus cozies up to the partnership house cusp, oozing affection! Expect the unexpected on the home front, but the aspects are all good for those changes. The Lunar Eclipse in your sign (7/16) brings you back to your organized, do-the-right-thing self; but no need to let go of the good you started. Aquarius- You can be pretty darn helpful when you want to, Aquarius, with the July 2nd Cancer Solar Eclipse in your 6th house of service, and generous Jupiter in the altruistic sector...spread good vibes and pay it forward...you're so good at that! Money looks good - an unexpected work bonus, or a forgotten debt paid, maybe? Happy 4th, with the neighbors in the 'hood bringing very interesting conversations. The Cap Lunar Eclipse (7/16) shines a light on what goes on behind the scenes of your composed, serene self. Some introspection/meditation might be just what's on the menu to balance all those good deeds! Pisces -Oooh-la-la, Pisces, you punched the winning ticket...you are psychic, self-healing, creative, romantic, enjoying home life, and considering opportunities at work! The Solar Eclipse (Cancer, 7/2) in your 5th house (creativity/children/romance/speculation) sparks new beginnings in these things. Your energy is high, but don't add too many new health regimes to the menu - it'll cost you money that you'd rather spend elsewhere. The Cap Lunar Eclipse in mid-July reminds you that you're a giver, after all, so your focus shifts to doing good deeds - response-ability calls, and you answer, like a good little Pisces. Aries - Hey, Aries, though your opposite sign, Libra, is usually doing the balancing act (while you charge full-steam-ahead), July serves up glitches that help you move into equilibrium. The July 2nd Solar Eclipse in Cancer energizes home life and projects that need doing. Work life, on the other hand, is calling - if you're the boss, you're organized and a bit demanding; if you're not, then the boss acts that way to you! The Cap Lunar Eclipse on July 16th draws a fine line between home/playtime and work/friends. You may get a wee bit of recognition for work; mostly, though, doctor's orders say: "heal ('balance') thyself." Taurus - Slow and steady, Taurus? Not so much, this month - you're sparked by Uranus of the unexpected in your 1st house - you surprise even yourself! The July 2nd Solar Eclipse in your 3rd house puts your communication into overdrive (a good thing for often stoic Bulls). Career demands your attention - double-emphasized by the Cap Lunar Eclipse (7/16), activating work and home life. And for heaven's sake, watch what you do in the kitchen or that back-yard barbecue...Mars and Mercury in your 4th house make missteps/accidents around the house easy to happen if you're not paying full attention! Gemini - You are gonna' love making yourself some money, Gemini, as Venus in your sign kicks off the Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, in your house of income! A few little miracles (Neptune) in your career sector ought to do the trick. Your creative ideas are flyin' high, and other people in your sphere cheer you on, even help you actualize those ideas. By the time the Cap Full Moon Eclipse happens on July 16th, travel or classes related to career invade your space-time continuum. Good time to follow your hunches, rather than methodically planning out your responses; this time, faith triumphs over worry!

What do you do at Indigo Alliance, what are your psychic gifts? The gifts I have developed and offer include past life readings, past life regressions, and general psychic readings on any questions people may have.  Also offer group channeling sessions.   How did you come to be in the islands? Decided to take a summer adventure to the Big Island in 1991.  Discovered people sharing ideas and understandings I’d never encountered before.  Returned after college to help support the fantastic people and culture that is being evolved here.   What is your idea of perfect happiness? To help people “arrive” where they always wanted to be in this life, and realize that it is far more textured, interesting, and different than they ever dreamed it would be, …and that this adventure of creating the self and life they truly desire goes on and on and on.   Which living person do you most admire?

India’s Sadhguru.  I don’t agree with everything he says but from what I have seen I truly respect his approach to life.  He appears to be very practical, down to earth, and works to help people have theirown experience of the awarenesses he’s devoted his life to, rather than take his word for it.   What talent would you most like to have? The ability to adopt and adapt any ability or talent I become aware of.   What do you consider your greatest achievement? Can’t answer that yet, …it’s happening now.  Stay tuned.   Who are your heroes in real life? Any people who stand up, reach out, and participate in making this world a place where everyone can life the life they *truly* desire, rather than the one they *think* they desire. How would you like to die? Aware, at peace, outside where I can let go and ride the breeze on to the next form of my existence.   What is your motto?

There is far, far more going on in this life than we are even aware of.

Updated: May 13, 2019

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