Andrew *Past Life Readings*

What do you do at Indigo Alliance, what are your psychic gifts? The gifts I have developed and offer include past life readings, past life regressions, and general psychic readings on any questions people may have.  Also offer group channeling sessions.   How did you come to be in the islands? Decided to take a summer adventure to the Big Island in 1991.  Discovered people sharing ideas and understandings I’d never encountered before.  Returned after college to help support the fantastic people and culture that is being evolved here.   What is your idea of perfect happiness? To help people “arrive” where they always wanted to be in this life, and realize that it is far more textured, interesting, and different than they ever dreamed it would be, …and that this adventure of creating the self and life they truly desire goes on and on and on.   Which living person do you most admire?

India’s Sadhguru.  I don’t agree with everything he says but from what I have seen I truly respect his approach to life.  He appears to be very practical, down to earth, and works to help people have theirown experience of the awarenesses he’s devoted his life to, rather than take his word for it.   What talent would you most like to have? The ability to adopt and adapt any ability or talent I become aware of.   What do you consider your greatest achievement? Can’t answer that yet, …it’s happening now.  Stay tuned.   Who are your heroes in real life? Any people who stand up, reach out, and participate in making this world a place where everyone can life the life they *truly* desire, rather than the one they *think* they desire. How would you like to die? Aware, at peace, outside where I can let go and ride the breeze on to the next form of my existence.   What is your motto?

There is far, far more going on in this life than we are even aware of.