Big Bite of the Cosmic Cupcake- April

- April, 2019 by Toni Scalera

Ready for some warmer weather? Warmer relationships? YES, we all are, and happily April brings the transition on zephyr wings. Check your Sun sign and your Rising/Ascending sign...

Aries - You're the star of your own show, Aries, as the new Moon in your first house of Self puts the focus on! It's a new beginning for you, especially when it comes to both self-improvement and healing (thanks to the planetoid Chiron), and you're truly inspired to make positive changes. Focus on business - you'll work late - and also on travel (the fun part). Be sure to balance things out with lots of meditation, nature walks, spiritual endeavors...anything that calms your mind.

Taurus - Remember last month starting the slow rumble of an "earthquake in consciousness," Taurus? Well, it's taking root - expanding your horizons and stimulating crazy-cool ideas in all kinds of ways. You might just get some kooky haircut that your mother thinks is awful, but your hairdresser praises you for leading the wave of the future! Whatever...the shy, retiring Bull is coming out of its shell. Your psychic senses are on overdrive now, dreams (day or night) are amazing. You'll get the notice of higher-ups, and make money (spend it too!). Plus, there may be some kind of unexpected bonus coming your way. Yea!

Gemini - Mars in your sign all month gives you more than a charming personality, are downright forceful! Use that energy to improve yourself and upgrade your leadership credit with those important to you - especially your friends. They show up from past - even future - lives; relationships prosper, with the potential for friendships to turn romantic (or vice versa). Don't let them entice you into questionable activity though. While you're not one to have regrets, still... Travel looks good, especially for business - expertise and magnetism attract others to your way of doing things.

Cancer - The new Moon in Aries stimulates new beginnings in your workplace or community, Cancer, where you're the boss, or impressing the boss. Either way, show off your abilities; plus, an added boost from Jupiter in your work/service/health house gives more luck for career upgrades. Your considerable intuition serves you well all month, and while you're ready for the next adventure, others seem more deliberate, if not downright slow. Not to worry - they'll catch up to you next month. Great time to take a new class - psychic development or intro to oceanography - 9th house Pisces Venus makes you love it!

Leo - You are all about learning new things, working hard, and making a splash at work/career this month, Leo. Your creativity and your stamina are both on overdrive, and the changes others bring into your life require considerable flexibility. Leo is a "fixed" sign (can you say "a little bit stubborn?"), so power up your "adaptation" drive to get others seeing things your way. Take mini-breaks every day, just to keep up with yourself! Subtle, seductive powers are at play in the romance department... if you "allow" rather than "demand," options for beguiling, other-worldly trysts increase.

Virgo - Work demands your attention, Virgo, and home provides abundances of comfort from the busy world... you can't do both at the same time, but you can alternate work and home comfort with gusto. Relationships are important now, in all kinds of ways...your mate is charming and vague all at the same time; or, if we're talking romance sans commitment, there's a bit of a power play about resources (or, it could be deciding how to spend money on the kids). Take the lead in working it out... the new Moon (new beginnings) is in your 8th house of joint resources, and you've got the charisma to get 'er done!

Libra - Ooh-la-la, Libra, you're all about relationships, and now your relationship house smiles on you with the Aries new Moon. New beginnings are in store, either you and your current squeeze heat up, or there can be new beginnings for you singletons. (It could be a good start to a business partnership - it's not always about romance, you know.) Whatever it is, it's good for you - healing in the best kinds of ways. Travel plans? Consult your Astrologer to choose the best days - Mars can signal rashness. Great time to meditate - visions and creativity abound, and you can use those dreams in real life later on.

Scorpio - Man, Scorpio, your intensity gets sexier, or your sexiness gets more intense! Either way, you've got charm to spare with Mars in Gemini, and three dreamy Pisces planets in your love, romance, creativity sector. You're pretty lucky with money too...lottery, anyone? Curiously, your focus can be on communications and new projects at work. And though you're loaded with charisma now, the "one who gets away" will be the one you're most intrigued by. We should all have such problems!

Sagittarius - Lucky you, Sagittarius...the new Moon in your house of creativity, romance, speculation fun, and children emphasizes all's time to enjoy the heck outa' everything! Oh, and a little love at first sight, if you're in the market! Home is on your mind, too - spending time there, decorating, fixing the plumbing. Lively discussions start or end at home too - but keep 'em lively, not argumentative. You're willing to work hard this month, and seeds you're sowing will bear beautiful fruit in the future.

Capricorn - You're a teacher and a student, Capricorn, and this month, you're both at the same time. The Aries new Moon joins Pisces planets in communication, and you shine brightest when you share your knowledge and wisdom. You're serious, with extra serious on the side, but jovial Jupiter lurks out of sight, sparking a little mischief to keep things light. Money looks good too - spend some on personal indulgences. The unexpected happens at home - surprise visitors? Your 30-year old teenager gets a job and moves out? Well, it won't be what you're expecting - that would take all the surprise out of it!

Aquarius - You've got power, wisdom and charm (like you even needed it!), Aquarius, but your focus is on resources now - money, time, security, new ventures (or adventures) - with the Aries new Moon in your 2nd house. It's a new beginning in some way to increase what's important to you in the realm of security. You're smart both intellectually and psychically; new ideas dot your playing field. Friends - lots of 'em - join your ranks, especially if it's good deeds you're doing. Be careful at home...being in a hurry can cause accidents, so no step-ladder action or peaches flambeau when you're home alone.

Pisces - You're oozing charm, Pisces, and you don't even have to try, with a stellium (that means "a whole bunch") of planets in your 1st house of personality. You may not be aware of it, but healing energy comes off of your vibes too. The Aries new Moon influences both your 1st (you) and 2nd (money) houses, with something unexpected to add interest where the money flows. Good things happen for you at work or in your wider community. Everybody grooves to your Pisces charisma, and with a few adjustments, you won't spread yourself too thin.