May Big Bite of the Cosmic Cupcake

by Toni Scalera

"It's May, It's May, the lusty Month of May...that time of year when everyone goes blissfully astray." Wise words from the musical "Camelot" - the weather and your spirits are good for just about anything! Check your Sun sign and your Rising/Ascending sign...

Taurus - Your emotions and your intellect are in perfect synchronization, Taurus, and don't look now, but there's a big spark of genius included too! Uranus, "the great Awakener" joins the Sun/Moon conjunction in your first house, stimulating a whole new YOU! You're feeling psychic and spiritual all at the same time; your friends encourage you, so why not follow those hunches of yours and take a course or a trip to explore your new found interests? You're still making money, and still spending it, but not to worry, if you have a need, there are good things coming from behind the scenes to support you.

Gemini - You're feeling mighty energized, Gemini, with Mars in your first house of personality this month - your charm is on overdrive (that's good), but you'll have a tendency to leap before you look (not so good), so do pay attention to what's happening around you. Your intuition is hot this month, and so are relationships...friends, friends who could become romances, old flames (yes, with an "s"!) who return to your life. It's a good time to deal with insurances and estate matters (meaning you won't mind doing it), or else it shows up as something you'll need to address. Never boring with you, is it, Gemini!

Cancer - Moon Children rejoice! May brings you opportunities to realize your own dreams-come-true, and to do the same for others. Good deeds are on the menu, so choose your favorite charity, and get involved. If you don't have a fave, how about something to feed the hungry (Cancer's all about food, you know!). You'll make new friends this month, the kind that can last a lifetime. Career/work looks good - you are inspired and inspiring, especially for any new projects. Other people hold on to the corporate power, though, so just follow through on your creative new ideas, and they'll take notice.

Leo - Wow, Leo, you can hardly make a mistake in your career, job, standing in the community! You're creative, resourceful, brilliant, and your leadership skills exude inspiration. That's all thanks to the Taurus New Moon in your 10th house, and it's embellished by a lovely trine from the Saturn/Pluto Capricorn conjunction in the 6th house of work and health. There's some kind of travel during May - overseas, or to the local think tank - whatever stimulates your mind. You'll have fun on your trip, and maybe some romance too! Friends and lovers don't agree, however, so do try to see them on alternate days.

Virgo - Work and home both want your attention, Virgo - what to do, what to do?!?! A little of both, just not at the same time should sort that dilemma out. Meanwhile, the Taurus New Moon in your 9th house of travel and higher education has you thinking about going back to school, maybe, or travelling overseas - something to broaden your horizons in any number of ways. Whatever you decide, expect the unexpected - you're in for some surprises! Relationships of all kinds flower, and the personal ones with someone of an age difference (either way), exude an ethereal charm. Enjoy!

Libra - New relationships pop up, Libra - may be personal or business, and your usual charm serves up delightful beginnings. The real action, though, comes via the Taurus New Moon in your 8th house of mysteries and joint resources - maybe a tiny inheritance or a murder mystery weekend on tap? If things change suddenly, don't despair, they will work out in your favor. When it comes to health, you may experience being tired for no reason. A little nap should do the trick - and who wouldn't want that?!?

Scorpio - Relationships for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Scorpio - something ends or changes dramatically; on the heels of that, something brand new begins. Question is, is it a current relationship a new one, or both?!? The Taurus New Moon in your partnership house (7) wills it so; with Uranus there too, let the fireworks begin - you know you love it! You'll make improvements in communication and health, also creativity and romance. You make money, spend it too. Mars in your 8th house might indicate surgery or accidents involving anything in "twos" (hands), so don't go poking any beehives, ok?

Sagittarius - You feel both good and charitable, Sagittarius...the Taurus New Moon in your 6th house (health, service) stimulates that health plan (aka "diet") you've put off since Christmas. 5th house Venus - romance and speculation (and what's romance, if not speculation?!?) energizes "love at first sight," along with charming Mercury and pow-pow Uranus, so you'll be surprised to find you're interested in someone not at all your type! There's your adventure! You get brownie points for a great attitude and work dedication. At home, check the plumbing, and give care to those who need it, cuz' somebody will.

Capricorn - Focus and power are the name of your game, Capricorn, with heavy-hitters Saturn and Pluto in your first house of "Self." You aim high and achieve great things in career and civic matters. The Taurus New Moon shines in your 5th house of love and creativity - fun with kids, maybe even some romance for your conservative self! At home, Uranus shakes you up, and you do something wild - like paint the house trim lime green. You could be accident-prone when you're home alone, so no "fix-it" action allowed. Your guardian angels help you out, but don't over-commit to your exercise regime.

Aquarius - You're a mental genius this month, Aquarius (maybe all the time), and it shows in your brilliant communication skills. If you're a teacher, you impress, and if a student, you still impress. The exchange of ideas is never better than now, so enjoy! The Taurus New Moon brings new energy on the home front, so decorate, invite friends over for one of your zany, yummy new recipes. You're working late behind the scenes, but the world sees you flirting with friends and making friends out of lovers, significant others. Confused? You aren't - they are, so be gentle when you sprinkle that pixie dust...

Pisces - Your vibes are spot on, Pisces, and your words follow with charm and quirky conversation. You may even surprise yourself with your wit and wisdom. That's all due to the Taurus New Moon in your 3rd house of communication. Your money house declares that "retail therapy" is just the right thing for you now, and you'll enjoy spending money on yourself (something you don't do enough). The only down side this month is Mars in your home environment, so slow down, pay attention, and don't let accidents or arguments happen - to you, or to anyone else.

Aries - You couldn't be better at shaking the money tree than now, Aries, with the Taurus New Moon in your 2nd house, accompanied by Uranus of the unexpected. So you start, or are handed, a new project or idea, and in typical Aries pioneer fashion, you make the most of it, and likely make money in the bargain. The boss notices your hard work too. You're also charming, glib, and have thoughts about doing some personal healing (the physical kind). With the Mars-Jupiter opposition in your houses of travel, it's best to drive defensively and skip the road rage - yours and theirs.