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Legend says

“The Stones of Life” are a living legacy of four powerful Tahitian Mahu healers who came to Hawaii in the 1500's and resided near Waikiki Beach. They were famous for their miraculous cures and when they left, they gave their spiritual power of transformation to the stones to share with all...


Hawaii has long been a place for deep healing

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Healing Stones.jpg

These four stones are on Waikiki Beach till this day, where you may experience for yourself, the healing power of Hawaii. From all over the world, people come here to ground, to feel the mana, and to breathe the Aloha Spirit into their hearts...

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Welcome to Indigo Alliance Hawaii
where the best healers have come together
to share their gifts with You


I am a Hapa Hawaiian, Mahu (two-spirit) healer, teacher, and psychic. My goals are to use love to heal and guide folks on their journey. My gifts are inherited from generations of powerful women who continue to offer protection and provide profound wisdom. I relay healing energy and messages from my personal guides, teachers, and ancestors as well as the guides that surround the people I help. I hope to bring clarity, clear barriers, and inspire folks to reach their full potential. 

I started my spiritual journey in 2012 by exploring crystals, nature spirits, tarot/oracle cards, and energy. My practice has evolved over the years with much study and growing curiosity. I now am a Usui Master Level III Reiki Healer and teacher. I offer psychic readings in the Akashic Records where I can heal past-life wounds, clear blockages, and promote positive energy for a better future. My spiritual practices pull from my Hawaiian heritage and ancestry. 

Mana Oracle, Tarot, Akashic Records, Reiki

30 minutes - $65

1 hour - $125

What are the Akashic Records?

You may have heard of the Tree of Life or the Book of Life. Similar to these, the records is a place where everything that has already happened or will happen is stored. We experience everyday life in the third dimension, and the data that is stored in the records is in the fifth dimension. Time does not exist in that dimension which allows a psychic to access past lives, current lives, and future guidance. 



Yahya is a third generation medium on both sides, his Mother was a Mayan Jamaican maroon, his father a black French Chotaw aboriginal of New Orleans. Yahya was born with the divine gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience and is an empath. Yahya's spiritual practices are ascended master therapy, archetype angel  therapy and spiritual guide therapy, tools of protection therapy, oracle readings, spiritual art therapy, and feng shui consultation, clear and cleanse spiritual alignment, crystal therapy, help you with astro projection, past lives, and intuitive animal therapy. He can clarify signs and symbolism, esoteric language, dream analysis, numerology, space and home cleansing. Yahya is a Starseed, and he studied as a student ministry under the renowned psychic Sylvia Browne. 

Psychic Medium channeling Angels & Spirit Guides

30 minutes - $65

1 hour - $125


Sirena is a Claircognizant Intuitive Empath, and a 3rd generation psychic reader. In 1981, she predicted the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco, and she’s had prophetic dreams since she was a child. After many miracles, Sirena wrote her book, “Led by Spirit, True stories of Manifesting Miracles, Spiritual Awakening, and the Other Side.” (Available here at Indigo & Amazon) In 1996 Sirena clinically died during childbirth. She went 
through the “White Light” to the “Other Side” where she met her Spirit Guides. 
After witnessing the spiritual perspective, she gained an understanding of the directions that we are all guided towards - Our Life Mission is our most important pursuit. Sirena studied under world famous psychic trance channel Riz Mirza. She studied psychology at Antioch University, and she has a certification in Transformational Hypnosis.

Tarot Reader & Life Mission Astrologer

30 minutes - $65

1 hour - $125

1 hour - 2 hour Session - Life Mission Reading - Flat Rate $185


“My mission is to receive divine guidance so that I may guide you towards learning your spiritual lessons, because when you understand your lessons, you progress towards your dreams!”

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The story of your past creates everything in your self, life, and body today. Joy and happiness, affliction and suffering, even contentment, are all rooted in your past story, which either nourishes and inspires you, or weakens and limits you. Isn’t it about time to thoughtfully reconsider the past you believe and are living?


Your past is the greatest self-help book there is, written by you, especially for you.  See how knowing your previous lives can help you make this your greatest life ever!


Past Life Readings:

Offer you the opportunity for an intimate conversation with your whole-self (god-self, eternal-self, soul-self), providing a far broader perspective to help make sense of yourself and life today. Discover new talents and abilities - reawaken past wisdom and knowledge! 

Readings are recorded and offered by phone or video (e.g. Google Meet, Facebook video call) or can be arranged in-person at Indigo.


In-person, telephone, and video readings:
30-Minutes:  $75  (choose A, B or C)
  A.  A reading on a specific question, issue, or situation.
  B.  Clarity on the situation or struggle most active in your life today.
  C.  A life or lives that reveal your promise-purpose in this lifetime.
45-Minutes:  $125
  D. Any of the above with time to ask questions of your whole-self.
1-Hour:  $150  /  1+ Hours:  $175
  E.  Discover Your Enlightenment


Past Life Regressions:  $150

Enter into a prior life and directly experience previous knowings and relationships. Re-enliven the intense feelings and significant meaning past experiences have for you today. 

The future you truly desire is determined and assured by the choices you make – or do not make – today. 

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Nydie’s mystic abilities reach far and beyond into many components of the spiritual realm. As a lightworker and student of life, her mission is to reawaken your present and future lives by healing your past lives.

Nydie’s work holds a major emphasis on clearing traumas, ethereal wounds, and negative/hidden thought patterns and reclaiming your power within your present and future life. By removing these blockages she creates space to catapult you toward your highest self so you may achieve your goals and ultimate growth.

Past Lifes, Psychic & Intuitive Reader

30 minutes - $65

1 hour - $125


Channels the "Ells" which it turns out are Angels. For all of you that are familiar with "The Law of Attraction," which is the teachings of "Abraham," a group of Angels channeled by Esther Hicks, Deana and her Ells are the same experience. Think of a reading with a wise and all-knowing group who can see what you are doing and where you are going, and give you kind and loving guidance. Deana is on the mainland, so all readings are by phone or zoom for now.

Channels the Angels

30 minutes - $65

1 hour - $125

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Danielle is a gifted medium and card reader. She joined Indigo Alliance almost at its conception, she has built a loyal following.
Her passion for card reading stems from 10 years of study, she enjoys the symbolism, mythology and history of the tarot. As a medium, her ability to contact her guides and yours, as well as being able to speak with deceased loved ones, gives depth to a reading and provides clarity for her clients. 

Tarot Reader

30 minutes - $65

1 hour - $125


She witnesses your connection and helps, shares and does what comes forth and all that is for your highest and best well-being and journey in this life. Donna is honored to incorporate all universal beliefs. Thank you for this honor in meeting you. Remember…

to keep that smile in your heart always~


Donna is a holistic healing arts practitioner who has come to acknowledge her intuitive abilities (empathic, clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient) and wants to share these with others in empowering and aligning with your own inner awareness; to trust, believe and know that you can have unconditional love, inner peace, spiritual openness, compassion, and healing within yourself from the Highest Source. Donna is guided to provide an eclectic approach to your healing sessions that may include: light-touch of your body; energy healing, releasing and clearing techniques; spiritual guidance; prayer; ThetaHealing® techniques, and the teachings from a

Hawaiian Kahuna. She is here to help you explore and release those nagging, hidden and even empty pains you may have gathered from your present and past lives. Donna is here as you discover how to balance, assimilate and begin to resonate with variousvibrations, and protecting your energies as you transform to a renewed you.

Eclectic Intuitive Guidance, Energy Clearing & Healing, 

Hawaiian Kahuna Teachings

30 minute Chair Session - $65

1 hour Table Session - $125

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Red Hybiscus.png


Michelle spent the earlier parts of her career devoted to social work before embarking on a journey of self-discovery that had been urging her to find opportunities, networks, and people that aligned with her true essence. Human Design catapulted Michelle into her journey of "unbecoming" which has evolved into a thrilling life filled with adventure, curiosity, and authenticity. 

As a Projector, Michelle is able to assist with the overarching energies of your chart. There is room for everyone that feels drawn to the Human Design system; everything from the basic understanding of your energy, how to make decisions in alignment with your highest self, relationship compatibility, or exploring your life purpose. Human Design is a gentle approach to understanding your owner's manual for this lifetime.

Human Design Reader

30 minutes - $65

1 hour - $125


Michelle is on a mission to rekindle your inner knowing in order to transform your quality of life and self-acceptance.

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Joy gives amazing readings primarily using the Tarot. She resides on Hawaii Island but is often in Oahu to visit her children, when she is on-island you can find her in Indigo giving in-person readings. She is available for phone readings when on Hawaii Island, much to the delight of her loyal following. We have future plans to open an Indigo Alliance outpost on Hawaii Island, including long range plans for retreats in Dome's in the woods. We will keep you posted on further developments.

Tarot Reader

30 minutes - $65

1 hour - $125


Angeline is a clairgifted diviner who uses Western oracles such as Tarot, Lenormand and Sibilla cards along with her native Korean Shamanism (Musok) oracles and divination practices. Connecting with her ancestor gods and animal guides as intermediaries (sometimes connecting with your ancestors!) she brings you the answers you need to hear and only that which is of the highest good will come through in readings. Whether you need help with the past, present or future, Angeline channels and combines the wisdom from two distinct lineages to elaborate on romance, finance, life purpose, dream interpretations and any question you can think of. Yes/No questions are welcome! 

Tarot Readings, Korean Shaman

30-Minute $65
1-Hour $125

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Renee is a nature-lover and a "science-nerd turned woo-woo." Her healing style continues to evolve as she helps her clients along their healing journeys using intuitive energy healing techniques that include oracle cards, Reiki, inner-child healing, the Akashic Records, and much more. If you are experiencing any resistance or set-backs in your healing, she is here to light the way back to your authentic Self.

Oracle Readings, Akashic Records, Reiki, Inner Child Healing

30-Minute $65
1-Hour $125

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lotus flower.png
Rainbow Hybiscus.png


Michel numerologist.jpg

There is self-knowing, self-understanding and personal empowerment within your name and birth date. Michel fell in love with the esoteric science of Numerology at the age of 16. He started to read his family and friends with the help of books. Join him as he guides you on a journey through YOU using your name and birth date as the road map, highlighting your talents and personality; directing you to the issues and challenges that must be overcome to acheive the best version of you. He will show you the power that lies within you, as he helps you to live the life you would truly like to live, through the use of the gifts which were given to you at birth. How is this accomplished?

Through the esoteric science known as Numerology, the ancient divination system based on the numbers 1-9 and the alphabet. His readings entail a full understanding of your numerology chart. If you have questions about a different path you should be taking or one you would like suggested for you, there are different options.

Please call and inquire about availability. Michel travels in and out of Honolulu frequently, but can also do his marvelous readings on the phone or zoom.


30-Minute $65
1-Hour $125

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