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Meet Sybil

Our founder, Sybil, is not a psychic. As she likes to answer when asked, "what do you do here", she says "I keep the light bill paid and consult with our guests about what they might be seeking".


Sybil started Indigo because she also is a seeker. Her interest in metaphysics started in her teens with astrology, reading horoscopes in newspapers and magazines to find out, 
"What is in store for Libra, today." She has been to psychic shops across America and some were good, some not so much, some psychics were great, some were charlatans preying on people who were vulnerable. It was her dream to have her own shop filled with gifted healers and practitioners who shared her goal of helping people and that dream has come true here in Honolulu.


Sybil has been visiting Hawaii since the early 90's and in 2018 she made a spur of the moment decision to relocate here from LA. Hawaii is her forever home, the Indigo Ohana are her forever family. 

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